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Preserving the Pristine: A Guide to Caring for Your White Kandura

The kandura, a long ankle-length garment for men in Arab world, embodies refinement and
cultural heritage. In particular, the white kandura, which is pure and often chosen for its ability to
reflect sun’s heat, is an important part of many wardrobes. Its beauty, however, is subject to
every day wearing, and it may prove hard to keep. This guide will help you maintain your white
kandura just like the day you bought it.

Understanding the Fabric

To start with, you should know the fabric of your kandura. Kanduras are usually made from
cotton or a combination of a cotton and a synthetic fabric. White kanduras need special
attention to retain shape and colour. Prior to any cleaning or ironing, check the label to find out

Routine Care

Daily Maintenance

Once worn, hang your kandura in a cool place for the sweat to dry off. Do not cram it in a closet that can cause wrinkles and also mold.

Spot Cleaning

Be sure to clean up spills and stains immediately by rubbing them gently with a water and water solution. Do not rub to prevent the stain from penetrating the cloth deeply.


Using hot water, you should wash your white kandura by hands with a mild soap. In case of machine washing, it’s advisable to use a soft cycle and envelop the kandura with a protecting mesh bag.


Chlorine bleach is overly harsh on the fabric and causes yellowing. Employ an oxidizing bleach if possible as it is gentle on whites and whiter than other bleaches.


Squeeze off any excess water gently. Do not wring as it may lead to deformation of shape. Dry it in a shaded area for hang it does not allow direct sunlight and it leads to discoloration.


Smooth wrinkles on kandura by ironing it when slightly damp. On medium to low heat and away from steaming will leave prints on clothing.

Professional Care

Dry cleaning of kandura is the preferred option for those who have no time or confidence to wash kandura at home. Hire a cleaner who knows well about traditional clothing to avoid any embarrassing incidents.


It should therefore be hung in a dry and cool place away from the sun. Ensure that yellowing and dust accumulation is prevented by using a breathable garment bag. Consider including silica packets for long term storage to absorb any existing moisture.

Additional Kandura Care Tips

  • Do not apply heavy deodorants, colognes, or perfumes directly onto the fabric as it can
    change its color, texture.
  • Ensure that it does not develop loose threads and buttons by checking regularly.
    Kandura needs special care when being cleaned and ironed in case it has embroidery or
    other additional features.

Lastly, the lifespan of your white kandura depends on the time you invest in caring for it. Following those rules will guarantee that your kandura shall be the white canvas of elegance to all occasions! Of course here at Soapy Splash, we are the expert laundry service in Dubai UAE. So if you need our professional assistance on keeping your pristine kandura clean, please do not hesistate to contact our team. Keep in mind that a clean kandura is not only about personal hygiene, but it is also a mark of respect for the cultural costume.


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